Any dog purchased from Castilleja Labradors which is diagnosed as having a major genetic defect will be replaced by a puppy within one year of the diagnosis or the purchase price returned. A major genetic defect is considered to be any genetic problem such as severe hip or elbow dysplasia or bad temperament which prevents the dog from living a normal happy life. If requested by the guarantor the diagnosis of joint problems must be confirmed by an orthopedic specialist, eye problems confirmed by a certified opthamologist, and bad temperament confirmed by a professional trainer approved by the owner and Joan Sinclair.

To maintain the guarantee:

  • Report forms in the new owner package (4, 6, 12 & 18 months) must be completed regularly and mailed to Castilleja Labradors soon after the period covered by the form.
  • Feeding instructions in the New Owner Information brochure must be followed.
  • Eukanuba Adult Small Bites dry dog food MUST be fed for the first year unless a different food is approved in writing by Joan Sinclair.

All genetic defects must be diagnosed and reported to the guarantor before the dog is four (4) years old. Problems caused by accident, neglect, obesity or abuse will not be covered. The dog must be owned by the original purchaser.